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Automatic Transfer Switch (Cummins)

Automatic Transfer Switch (Cummins)

We are offering wide range of Automatic Transfer Switch (Cummins) to our clients  
The GTEC regular transfer switch combine reliability and flexibility in a little, economical package for usual and generator set source monitoring, generator set starting and load transfer functions. GTEC automatic transfer switches are ideal for emergency, standby and optional standby applications.

Manual operation handle (standard)
Allows manual operation of the switch after proper

Easy service/access
Door-mounted controls, ample access space and compatible terminal markings allow for easy access

Positive interlocking
Mechanical interlocking safes source to- source connection through the power contacts

A powerful and economical solenoid power GTEC transfer switches

Advanced transfer switch mechanism
True transfer switch mechanism with break-before-make action

Continuously rated
Can be require in applications up to their nameplate rating

Main contacts
Long-life, high-pressure silver alloy contacts withstand thousands of switching cycles without burning, pitting or welding and provide 100% continuous current ratings

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