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Bypass-Isolation Automatic Transfer Switches

Bypass-Isolation Automatic Transfer Switches

Our business troop is one of the chief bypass- isolation automatic transfer switches manufacturer and supplier. The quality of the product is perfectly well tested.

BPTC series move switch unite the features of our superior automatic transfer switch with a closed door draw out isolation mechanism, a two-source bypass switch and exclusive microprocessor-based controls. The switches permit preservation, service and testing of the automatic transfer switch with no disrupting power to critical loads. The resulting power transfer redundancy help ensure steady, reliable power for critical applications.

Bypass to any source at any time
allow for usual or emergency power, what's more is necessary

PowerCommand microprocessor control
Allows user-friendly adjustment and network infrastructure with other systems

Mechanical flags
point out bypass position

Permanently mounted instructions
allow simple step-by-step operation

Easy manual operation
permits manual transfer to any accessible source at any time

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