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Chpc-Ohpc Automatic Transfer Switches

Chpc-Ohpc Automatic Transfer Switches

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PowerCommand automatic transfer switches
The OTEC series transfer switch give the basic features you require for primary source and generator set monitoring, generator set initial and load transfer functions for emergency standby power applications. The OTPC series provides advanced features.

PowerCommand control (OTPC) 
Microprocessor-based controls are developed specially for automatic transfer switch operation

Robust control system design (OTPC)
Optically-isolated logic inputs and high-isolation transformers for AC power inputs give high-voltage surge protection

Communications capability (OTPC)
Transfer switch communicates via a SCADA network

Easy service/access
Plug connections, door-mounted controls, ample access space, well-matched terminal markings simplify access

Microprocessor control (OTEC)
Fully-featured microprocessor control is standard, with all features, settings and adjustments software-enabled for ease of setup and accuracy

Manual operation (OTEC)
Manual operating handles, shielded termination and over-center type contact mechanisms permit effectual, manual operation under de-energized conditions

Positive interlocking (OTEC)
Mechanical and electrical interlocking prevent source-to-source relationship through the power or control wiring

Advanced transfer switch mechanism
Bi-directional linear motor actuator give concerning friction-free, constant-force, straight-line transfer switch action with no multifaceted gears or linkages

Main contacts
Heavy-duty silver alloy contacts with separate arcing surfaces and multi-leaf arc chutes are rate for summation system move counting overload interruption
Bypass-Isolation Automatic Transfer Switches

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