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LPI Copper Bonded Earth Rod

LPI Copper Bonded Earth Rod

LPI Copper Bonded Earth Rod


  • Selection of externally threaded and compression coupled earth rods
  • Wide selection of copperbonded, solid copper and stainless steel earth rods
  • Variable lengths and diameters across all earth rods

LPI Copper Bonded Earth Rod
our business group is one of the prominent copper bonded earth rod manufacturer and supplier. Product is in precise quality.

The LPI Copper Bonded Earth Rods are equipped from elevated tensile low carbon steel and every rod is manufactured by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper to the low carbon steel core in accord with national and international standards such as BS6651, BS7430 and UL467. Threads are rolled onto the rod make sure an even copper covering which eliminates the danger of chipping whilst driving.

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Copper Bonded Earth Rod


Carbon Steel Bonded With Copper

Connection Type:

Threaded Coupler


BS 7430, BS 6651, UL467

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