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LPI Lightning Warning System

LPI Lightning Warning System

Lightning Warning System MKII - LWS MKII


  • "All Clear" siren once the storm has passed
  • Data collection via download
  • Early "detection ½ of lightning activity within 15km
  • "Alert" alarm signalled when lightning approaches within 8-10 km

Product Description
The  Lightning Warning System is a non-directional local detection machine planned to offer early on warning of an forthcoming storm front that hold lightning discharges. 12`It has been designed to give warning to persons that lightning may occur within the area. The Lightning Warning System is microprocessor restricted which offer concise easily unspoken alarms; it provides an alarm circumstances when the inner analysis of existing conditions designate the approach of lightning. The structure  connecting to antenna senses modification in the electric field strength and also detects together close to and distant lightning discharges. An alarm is activate when either the static field transform or when a far or close lightning discharge is detected


Warning Alert Status 

 It is a well known fact that when the system catches the presence of lightning within a 10-15 kilometre radius or that the electric field power approach 4kV/m. The Warning Alert is the main warning that a storm may be forthcoming and could come into view in the area being monitored within about 20-30 minutes. No action `necessities to be taken at the Warning Alert stage; this opening level of alarm is to alert the user of lightning activity, however it may go around the monitored area. 

Alert Alarm Status 
Is known when the system catch lightning discharges within an eight to ten  kilometre radius or that the electric field strength has risen to seven kV/m. The Alert Alarm indicates that the storm front is forthcoming the monitored area and is probable to arrive in approximately 10-15 minutes. In the event of a storm cell forming in a straight line overhead, the system will detect this and trigger the Alert Alarm. When the Alert Alarm status is announce it will activate an external alarm (siren) to caution of impending danger.

Early warning of lightning in secure proximity allow for appropriate protection precautions to be executed across a wide variety of industry groups. Typical industry applications for the WS include:

  • Mining Sites including applications where explosives are used for blasting purposes
  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Sports such as golf, football, tennis and horse racing tracks
  • General outdoor recreational activities

Single of the the majority common applications where the LPI LWS is utilize is in providing lightning warning for golf courses. bereavement and injury as a consequence of lightning is not uncommon to golfers all over the world. With golf course management bound by a "duty of care" to all golfers and course employee's, the LPI LWS provide an accurate and dependable lightning detection system which remove the guess effort with respect to imminent electrical storms and permits for the protected and timely postponement of play.


  • RS232 cable for PC based event logging
  • Software (supplied on CD)
  • Earthing kit
  • AC power cable
  • Main console
  • Antenna assembly with 50m cable
  • Electronic siren with 20m cable

Technical Data

Ordering Code



LPI Lightning Warning System



Control Console Materials:

High Quality ABS case with front legs

Dimensions of console:

310mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 260mm (d)

Console Weight::


Console Mode:

Microprocessor controlled via RS232 port


Measured electric field strength and detected lightning discharges are
used to generate warning and alarm conditions, indicating likelihood of lightning discharge in the monitored area. Extensive external alarm facilities
are provided together with self-test capabilities.

AC Power Supply:

85ac 265Vac, Free voltage, 50-60 Hz

Sensing Antenna:

Fibreglass, 2 section total height 3.13 metres

Sensing Antenna weight:

6.8 Kg (Including 50m cable)

Sensing Modes:

Electrostatic Field Meter (0-10Kv/m) & Lightning Discharge Detector
Far Strike >approx. 10Km
Near Strike

Warning / Alert Alarm:

Electronic siren

Antenna Material:

ABS, weather proof

Antenna Weight:

1.8Kg (Including 20m cable)

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