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RTPFC - Real Time Power Factor Correction Panel

RTPFC - Real Time Power Factor Correction Panel

Capacitor/ Reactor Modules
Iron Core Reactors
Each Cummins RealComp includes particularly designed Iron core reactors used in series with the capacitors. Each reactor is manufactured under stretched control tolerances to ensure excellence, constructed with laminated, low- hysterisis loss iron core, copper windings, precision controlled air gaps and class H insulation (180oC).

Available reactor types:

: Reactors designed to bound the inrush current which may develop in the capacitors during power up, avoiding damage to switching elements, fuses and capacitors

De-tuned: avoid resonance conditions by shifting the capacitor/ network resonant frequency to below the first dominant harmonic (usually the 5th)
Tuned: Designed to soak up a majority of the leading harmonic(s), usually the 5th and/ or 7th
Cummins RealComp features special capacitors that are low-loss (0.20 W/kVAr) and housed in cylindrical aluminum casings. The capacitor is a metallized polypropylene film capacitor featuring self- healing properties and an overpressure tear off fuse. To reduce the effects of electrical and thermal overload and extend operating life expectancy, the capacitors are connected during zero-current crossing and operated in a time-sharing mode (SCAN).
Cabinet Design
Each RealComp system IP20/ NEMA1 cabinet is made of steel sheet, which is epoxy powder coated gray (RAL 7032).

Cabinet Options

  • Protection class upgrades (IP/ NEMA)
  • Top- mounted fan unit and filters
  • Lockable controller panel
  • Blown fuse indication
  • Magnetic door lock
  • Top cable supports
  • Lifting eye bolts
  • Pad- lock entry
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