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Stormaster ESE Air Terminal (LPI)

Stormaster ESE Air Terminal (LPI)

High Voltage Shielded Cables (HVSC)

LPI's High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC) is a elevated integrity low impedance cable, which is intended to express lightning power to earth with minimal risk of side flashing or structure electrification. The require to reduce side flashing and structure electrification defend both persons and responsive electronic equipment from the shocking risks of a lightning strike.

The plan of the HVSC incorporate cautiously selected dielectric components to ensure optimum performance beneath high impulse conditions, this design provide a low inductance per unit length with low surge impedance. winning the injection of lightning present through the HVSC, the voltage rise in contrast to a standard conventional down conductor like flat copper tape is compact by a factor of between twenty and thirty

Technical Data

HVSC Configuration:

7 Layer cable consisting of the following.
Inner Core

  • Concentric Conductor
  • Inner Binding Tape
  • Insulation Material
  • Metallic Screen
  • Outer Binding Tape
  • Outer Sheath

Concentric Conductor:

Nominal cross sectional area 90mm2

Sheath Thickness (Nominal):


Overall Diameter (Approx):


Weight of Cable:

2.050 kg per metre

Electrical Characteristics:

DC Resistance of conductor at 20 ºC (Max) Ohm/km 0.387
DC Resistance of screen at 20 ºC (Max) Ohm/km 0.448
Insulation resistance at 20 ºC (Min) M Ohm-km 1,830
Thermal Short circuit current (1 second) KA 7.15


1 Year

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